Einstein Telescope

The proposed Einstein Telescope (ET) is a subterranean infrastructure designed to house a third-generation gravitational-wave observatory that expands on the accomplishments of current, second-generation laser-interferometric detectors like Advanced Virgo and Advanced LIGO. These observatories have revolutionized the field of gravitational-wave astronomy with their recent breakthrough discoveries of merging black holes and neutron stars over the last five years.

To achieve a much-improved sensitivity, the ET aims to enlarge the interferometer from the 3 km arm length of the Virgo detector to 10 km and introduce an array of new technologies. These technologies will include a cryogenic system to cool some of the primary optics to 10-20K, new quantum technologies to reduce light fluctuations, and a range of infrastructure and active noise-mitigation measures to minimize environmental disturbances.

CIEMAT participates in the preparatory phase of the Einstein Telescope (ET), which represents a major opportunity for our group to contribute to the design and development of this cutting-edge technology.  

Our specific goals include participating in the design of the interferometer with developments similar to those we implement for Virgo, developing its computing model, and establishing an internal group at CIEMAT to focus on the design of the vacuum system. Through the development of the computing model, we aim to contribute to the design and implementation of the data analysis and signal processing systems that will be used to extract the signals of gravitational waves from the data. Finally, by establishing an internal group focused on the design of the vacuum system, we aim to contribute to the development of the ultra-high vacuum environment that will be required for the interferometer to function properly.

In addition, we aim at training the next generation of scientists to exploit this instrument. This not only strengthens our team and the collaboration but also helps to ensure that the full potential of the Einstein Telescope can be realised in the future.